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Best Mortgage Lenders Abilene TX

What is holding you back and keeping fear in your mind for getting a mortgage? Let us ease your mind and get you all set up.

Mortgage Lenders Abilene TX has a program for every person regardless of their situation. We have jumbo loans, construction loans, and many other types of loan programs.

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About Mortgage Lenders Abilene TX

Do you have worries about what you can qualify for with a mortgage?

We calm your worries by talking you through the process. We help you to understand your options.

We are honest in the way that we help you to find what will best work for your finances and situations. We take your time very seriously and do not waste it.

We are up to date on our knowledge of the current market and programs that are out there with every different mortgage broker. We are the best home loan lenders because of this knowledge and up-to-date information we have.

Are you a first-time homebuyer with fears and worries? We do a great job of walking you through each process and taking the time to make sure you understand each step. Mortgage companies love to rush through the process to get it done faster. We take the time and get it done quickly at the same time.

It is our mission for you to have no regrets. It is also our mission for you to have a positive experience with both the sales and customer service. We are a licensed mortgage broker that seeks to keep high referral rates and reviews.

Why Choose Us?

Finding a lender and looking at all different home loan companies can become overwhelming. What do we help you do here as your mortgage lenders in Abilene TX?

  1. We find you the best construction loan lenders for your new build
  2. We offer great current mortgage rates
  3. We get you the best company to refinance home with no hassle

You will no longer have to spend so much time searching for mortgage lenders Abilene, “mortgage companies near me”, or for a “mortgage advisor near me”. We do all this time-consuming work for you to find a mortgage broker.

It has been many years that we have worked as the local mortgage lenders for clients in our community. We have found them the best mortgage refinance companies there are around. These companies help them to get the best refinance rates.

Each Abilene mortgage broker has different rates and programs. Some of which offer different lengths of loans. What is the difference between these?

Your 30 year mortgage rates are going to be lower than your 15 year mortgage rates. There are pros and cons to each type and length of the loan. Call us today to go over these pros and cons. We also will go over all the options you have.

Purchase A Home

First-Time Home Buyers

You have nothing to fear as a new home buyer. You must show proof of income, credit score and history, and answer financial questions. We are there with you every step of the way so you know what to submit and where to submit it. Your information is always kept safe and confidential.

Experienced Homeowners

If you have bought a home before you will know what to expect and have no surprises. You will now have equity to use when you buy your new home. This will help you to qualify for more home than the last time you bought a home.

The Process

At Mortgage Lenders Abilene TX we make sure that the process goes very smoothly for you as you buy your new home. You will know what information we will need as we get started filling out your application forms. We then make sure to get done all the inspections and qualifications. This helps to close more quickly on your home.

Refinance Your Home

Change Your Rate To Reduce Monthly Payment

If you know what the rates are in the market right now you can get a good idea of if your monthly payment would go down by refinancing. This is important to know before going through the work and the time to refinance.

Get Cash From Your Home’s Equity

One of the main reasons that many clients refinance is to get cash. This works out great if you have equity in the home. You get to use that as cash for whatever you may need. Some clients use it to pay off debt, some people use it to take a nice vacation.

The Process

The process of refinancing through a mortgage broker Abilene is painless. You must know what your goal of refinancing is. You must also know your credit score and history. By knowing this you will have the chance to compare it to the current rates. This will help you make sure it is a smart idea to refinance.

Loan Programs

If you are a first time home buyer we have a program that will work just right for you depending on where you are buying. We also have programs for you if you are wanting to build and get a loan for your property and construction. We have programs that benefit you as a veteran as well.

Jumbo Loans

A jumbo loan is a loan that some mortgage brokers Abilene TX can help you to qualify for and get. They are loans that are invested in by private investors rather than banks. The size of these loans is much larger than your typical home loan. Home loan brokers cap on the amount of money they will lend through a home mortgage. A jumbo loan allows you to finance your luxury home with usually higher mortgage rates.

VA Loans

Only certain people are able to qualify for a VA loan. It also depends on the type of home you are buying for whether you can get a VA loan. It must be used for your primary house. To get VA home loans Abilene TX you must be a veteran or the surviving spouse of a veteran.

FHA Loan Abilene

FHA lenders are more lenient on the credit score you must have to qualify for a loan. FHA stands for Federal Housing Administration and that is who this type of loan is insured by. These home loan lenders that you can get an FHA loan through are the best mortgage lenders for first time buyers.

USDA Loans

USDA loans are loans where an Abilene mortgage company offers a loan to low-income families that are buying a home in a rural area. You have to qualify for this loan by having the property approved. Once you find a mortgage broker Abilene that offers a USDA loan you will be happy to hear that you do not have to have high credit or a down-payment.

Conventional Loans

A conventional loan is one that is most common among mortgage companies in Abilene. You must put down usually 20% of your loan price with a conventional loan. These loans are great if you have good credit and credit history.

Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM)

An adjustable rate mortgage starts out with a very low-interest rate. This is what is very appealing about this type of loan. After the fixed-rate period, it then adjusts from time to time.

Reverse Mortgage

A mortgage broker Abilene that offers a reverse mortgage is offering this to people age 62 or older. What this does is it creates a supplemental income for retirement by allowing you to use your equity on your home while not paying a monthly payment.

Construction Loans

Construction loans allow you to both build and buy the property that you want to build on. They are done much of the time in increments and come with higher mortgage interest rates. The Abilene mortgage rates are higher for construction loan lenders. This is because of the fact that it is riskier to lend money for construction builds.

About Abilene Texas

Abilene is a city divided into north and south by a railroad in the middle. The weather throughout the year ranges from the ‘30s to the ‘90s.

Agriculture and livestock play a huge part in our economy. Healthcare, manufacturing, education, and government are also huge parts of the economy.

We have a great park system which includes 29 parks. The zoo here a very popular attraction. There are 123,000 people who live in Abilene and even more in these surrounding cities:

  • Clyde, TX
  • Merkel, TX
  • Dyess AFB, TX
  • Tye, TX
  • Tuscola, TX
  • Hawley, TX.
  • Ovalo, TX
  • Buffalo Gap, TX
  • Trent, TX
  • And many more areas!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get financing for a home set up?

If you find the best mortgage lenders in Abilene your financing for your home will get finished within 60 days. Many clients search for a “mortgage broker near me” or “mortgage lenders near me”. You must search for “best mortgage broker near me” and best home lenders near me” instead. This way you will find the best mortgage lender that will get your financing underway quickly.

Where do we start?

You start by calling us here at Mortgage Lenders Abilene TX. We will let you know the information you need to fill out to apply for the type of loan you have. We will help you to get started with everything you need. You will not have to do this on your own. It may take you some time to look through the different Abilene mortgage companies to find which Abilene mortgage company you want to work with.

If I get one loan now can I switch it to a different type of loan later?

Yes. If you want to switch to a new type of loan, what we do is we will help you to refinance. By doing so, you can get a new loan type as well as a better interest rate.

Do you have to have great credit to qualify for a loan?

No, you do not. Depending on the program that you are applying for you may not need as great of credit. We offer loans for people with low credit scores or people that have a small amount of credit history. The better your credit is, the better your Abilene mortgage interest rates will be. This will save you money on your loan in the long run.

What Our Clients Are Saying

We are so happy that after talking with our mortgage specialist we decided to refinance. We saved a lot of money and are in a better financial situation.

Erin M.

We had so many questions at random times and they were always available and ready to answer them. They took the time needed to get us what we needed.

Brice H.

The whole process went very quickly. It was also very easy because they told us everything we needed in detail.

Skyler K.

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When you are looking for Abilene mortgage lenders there are many qualities to look for. You want to find the Abilene mortgage lenders that have experience closing on loans. There are so many mortgage companies in Abilene but not all are the same.

There are some mortgage companies in Abilene that offer only certain programs. There are other mortgage companies in Abilene that offer programs for everyone. This includes veterans, new home buyers, construction loans, and many more.

At Mortgage Lenders Abilene TX we take care of each need you have in your own personal way. We do not give you a loan that is not the best for you. Give us a call today to meet with a specialist to get your financing done.

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